PumpkinI might be a bit late to all the Halloween talk but I don’t care, I’m going to talk anyway. This was my first Halloween in the US and I must say I loved it. Seeing houses in our neighborhood dressed up for this day was just fascinating. I loved seeing the creative ways of carving pumpkins and the various "scary items" displayed on front porches. I really didn’t know that Halloween was such a big deal.

We celebrated it the traditional way: Picking out a wonderful pumpkin from a local patch then carving it and putting it out on the porch. The picture speaks for itself [click to enlarge].

But I guess the part I enjoyed most about Halloween was the "trick or treat" bit. We prepared Halloween candy the night before and the next evening we were ready to welcome kids that came knocking on our door asking for treats. It was loads of fun.

I loved seeing all of those cute kids dressed up in various customs. We were visited by a spider, a Cinderella, an angel and some sort of vampire, among other creatures. Some were accompanied by their parents and others came on their own. The intriguing part for me was actually experiencing Halloween in real life after seeing it on TV — mostly in American movies — many, many times. Indeed, it was fun and a major distraction from the daily banalities of life.