The Squid and the Whale Last week, the husband got us some free passes to the screening of the movie The Squid and the Whale, which was showing at the Bethesda Row Cinema, an independent theatre nearby. The movie, which I enjoyed a great deal, details the turmoil of an eccentric, intellectual New York family that is shattered by a sudden break-up.

The movie tackles the issue of how the children deal with their parents’ separation. Both of kids chose bizarre, immoral ways to deal with their family’s split. The dialogue in the movie was smart and the acting top-notch, especially that of the young actor who played the role of older brother.

Here is an interview with the movie director published in the Washington Post Sunday. Apparently, the movie is based to some degree on the director’s own parents’ divorce during his teenage years. Interesting stuff! My score for this movie: 8/10