In a strongly worded editorial the Washington Post is suggesting sanctions be imposed upon Syria.

The Security Council has a good precedent to follow here. When Western investigators linked the Libyan government to the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am airliner over Scotland, the United Nations applied sanctions to the regime of Moammar Gaddafi and kept them in place until his government accepted responsibility for the crime and surrendered two of its authors for trial. The United Nations should demand no less in this case. The Syrian sponsors of Mr. Hariri’s murder must be identified and brought to justice; if that includes Mr. Assad and his relatives, so be it.

It is extremely frustrating and quite ironic that in the Arab world it is mostly the helpless citizens who pay the price for the actions of dictators and their cronies. The Iraqis paid the price for Saddam’s arrogance, enduring years of sanctions. Now it seems the Syrians will be next.

It is the weekend here and I can’t seem to relax. The repercussions of the Mehlis report could engulf the whole Middle East. If unrest starts in Syria, it might start a domino effect through neighboring countries. I’m worried. Anyway, I leave you with some more reactions from Syrian bloggers: