So the truth regarding the assassination of Rafiq Al-Harriri is finally out. The Melhis report boldly points a finger at top Syrian intelligence officials. Surprise, surprise!

Rafiq al-Harrii

I wonder how believers in conspiracy theories in the Arab world (and there are loads of them) will spin this one? How will they find a way to pin the blame on the favorite Middle East culprits, the US or Israel? It will be interesting to watch. Never underestimate the creativity of analysts in the Middle East.

The admirable Lebanese people never fell for his trap, immediately pin-pointing the culprits. Who can forget the demonstrator’s famous chant "Bashar itla3 Barra" or "Bashar get out of here!"

One thing I have been thinking about for the past week or so: How do Syrians feel about the findings of the Melhis report?

UPDATE: Here is a quick wrap up of comments from Syrian bloggers:

  • Sarroujah doesn’t believe that the report identified Syrian officials.
  • Amarji is hopeful.
  • The Damascene blog describes the anxiety among Syrians ahead of the release of the report.