Elaph (Arabic) has an intriguing article about the Jordanian reaction to Saddam’s trial, which is expected to start tomorrow. According to the article (Arabic), there is fierce opposition to Saddam’s trial in Jordan. Some Jordanian papers are even claiming that the person being detained is not the real Saddam but one of his doubles and that he is being put on trial simply to "increase the popularity of the American president."

Elpah went on to say that some opposition groups in Jordan have even asked for a permission to organize a rally in solidarity with Saddam Hussein! I really do not know when these groups will wake up and stop living in denial! Nobody can dispute the fact that the guy was a tyrant who committed a myriad of crimes against humanity, executing thousands of people during the days of his oppressive regime!

I really can’t fathom why these opposition groups continue to pledge allegiance to this dictator. Are they still clinging to his decade-long promise that he’ll "liberate Palestine" and "destroy Israel"? I wonder!