Jordanian court sentences 3 gunmen to prison for alleged terror plot

Jordan’s military court convicted two men Tuesday in a foiled terror conspiracy targeting liquor stores and tourists in this Arab kingdom and jailed each for five years. According to the prosecution indictment, the four men had planned to join the insurgency in Iraq, but changed their plans due to the "bad conditions" in the neighboring war-ravaged country.

… Few details were provided on the defendants’ plans in Aqaba, but their targets in Amman were said to be liquor shops, which they were surveying until police arrested them outside a store in January, with face masks and firearms in their possession.

Source: [AP via Haaretz]

So, after their plans to kill some Iraqis failed, these men thought to themselves: "Hmmm. Maybe we should kill some folks in Jordan instead!" What a great cause! A life sentence might be too lenient for these bloodsuckers!