Outside Madams Organ in Adams Morgan

Last weekend was special, as my very dear friend Amal was in town for a few days on business. We got a chance to visit with her on three separate occasions, catching up on where our journey has taken us since we last saw each other in Doha this April. I have to say she looked great and seemed in wonderful spirits. It was such a joy to spend some time with her. For a while, I felt we where back in Doha, just talking about work issues while making plans for the final exodus from the Persian Gulf.

Our new friend Beisan (yeah, the active Jordanian blogger from Jordan Planet) joined us on two occasions during which we enjoyed our time and ate wonderful food at funky restaurants in the DC boroughs of Georgetown and Adam’s Morgan. Our conversations revolved primarily around life in DC, being away from home and of course the current state of global political mayhem. All in all it was such a wonderful and memorable weekend. Nothing beats quality time with a very dear friend. Here is a picture of yours truly and the one and only Amal in the hippy neighborhood of Adam’s Morgan.