Muslim, Christian youth discuss tolerance challenges

AMMAN, Jordan — Arab Muslim and Christian youth are meeting in Amman for a dialog aimed at enhancing the "exemplary" religious coexistence in the region and protect it against outside interference. Participants at the "Muslim and Christian Youth and Challenges to Coexistence" symposium, which opened yesterday at King Hussein Club in Amman, will discuss an array of issues including Jordan as a study case of peaceful Muslim-Christian coexistence and the principles set by the Amman Message.

Speakers at the opening ceremony focused on the common ground between Islam and Christianity and the need to protect this long history of coexistence between the followers of the two monotheist faiths in an era characterized by sectarian and ethnic struggles.

Source: [The Jordan Times ]

I am a firm believer that Jordan is indeed a perfect model of Muslim-Christian coexistence. In spite of what many might see as a current global clash of religions, Jordan remains intact and its people — regardless of their beliefs — continue to live peacefully and amicably, providing a prime example of tolerance and acceptance.