Serene and me enjoying KramersWe had a wonderful time last night with my good Jordanian-American friend Serene (AKA Ajlounieh), who I got to know back in Jordan some four years ago when we were working for the same company. Our chosen meeting place was a funky coffee shop/bookstore in Washington DC’s Dupont Circle called Kramerbooks and Afterwords Café.

The place reminded me a lot of Books@Cafe in Amman. For those uninitiated, it’s a bookshop/restaurant combo that is most frequented by the young and hip. I had been raving about Serene to Jeff for a while now and I was really excited that they finally got to meet. We enjoyed our time to the fullest, catching up and talking a great deal about the political situation in the Middle East. There was no way we could skip the subject when Aqaba had been bombed earlier in the day.

Time flew by so quickly. We were even rushed out of the place by the waitress who may have been annoyed by our long dessert-less stay on a busy night. The food itself was divine and the surrounding view of Dupont Circle was exciting for me since I’m still not that familiar with the DC scene.

This is a picture of Serene and me checking out the bookshop side of the place. DC just has so much to offer and I’m ready to embrace its offerings to the fullest.