We just finished eating a meatloaf made by yours truly
and I must say it was very good. In spite of the lack of a few kitchen utensils, I
stuck it out and made my first meal in our new apartment. Okay, enough
self-admiration, let me talk a bit about our new place. We moved last week up
north into the DC-Metro region and we are loving it. Our apartment is located in Maryland and actually in the middle
of the forest, which makes for delightful, lush scenery every time we look out of
the window.

Deer and squirrels visit us every once in a while. This is something
very unique to my Jordanian eyes. Besides being lush, our neighborhood is so close to some major shopping areas in the heart of the city. It
is also worth noting that the city itself is very ethnically diverse and extremely
cosmopolitan. You find people from all over the world, not to mention the
diverse selection of food and restaurants. The apartment is also quite close to work, making my morning commute no longer than ten minutes. All in all, we are
quite content.

As for the settling in part, well, we are not there yet. We still
need to get some essential pieces of furniture and to unpack a few more boxes.
We have the basics, though. We’re getting there. I’ll post pictures of the place and neighborhood
when time allows. Meanwhile, it’s time to refill my plate with another slice of my superb