The Final CutLast night we watched Omar Naim’s The Final Cut
and I have to say it was pretty intriguing. The first reason I picked up this movie
was because the director is Jordanian-born, the second: because it was highly recommended by Laith. I was not
disappointed. It was very enjoyable.

The movie’s forte is its script, which was also written by
this young first time feature film director. It discusses the idea of storing then replaying people’s
memories after they are dead so they can be shared and cherished by their loved ones. The star of the movie was Robin Williams who performed brilliantly, as expected. But I
guess the most impressive thing about the movie, as a whole, was the director
himself, who at only 27 managed to direct such a powerful film with a cast of high-powered, talented actors like Robins, Mira Sorvino and James Caviezel.

Truly, a very good movie that’s worth both your time and money. 8/10