I’ve got the plane tickets in hand for our much-awaited trip to Jordan, now just right around the corner. My excitement is overwhelming. I’m afraid I’m just gonna pop. Here is a list of things I hope to do when I get back to my lovely hometown:

  • Spend 5 whole days playing with nieces Jessica and Amy and newborn nephew, Michael
  • Spend at least one day at the Dead Sea
  • Visit the baptism site on the Jordan River
  • Have a seafood salad with Lana at Romero
  • Eat as much mansaf as I can
  • Eat as much Shawerma Reem as I can
  • Eat as much Pizza Rimini as I can
  • Read the daily newspapers
  • Have coffee at Books@Cafe
  • Have tea at the RSCN’s Wild Café
  • Hang out with the girls on Lana’s porch
  • Have lunch at Haret Jdoudna in Madaba
  • Visit Auntie Lily
  • Visit as many cousins as possible
  • Go to Mecca Mall with Zeezo
  • Try some of my dad’s homemade wine
  • See as many friends as possible
  • Meet up with the Jordanian bloggers
  • Wake up to the musical masterpiece that is the Jordan gas vendor
  • Take a drive in Jabal al-Webdeh.

As you can see, this list is mostly about eating. And you wonder why I never lose weight ;-). Jordan, Jordan, here we come!