I was alerted by a reader, Fred, to this article published in the Washington

Jordanian journalists Saturday demanded their Iraqi counterparts admit
their country is occupied, accusing them of promoting the U.S.
presence. The group of Jordanian journalists gathered signatures for
a petition to be presented to the president of the Jordan Press
Association, demanding to respond to Iraqi journalists’ accusations
that the Jordanian press was writing and instigating against the new
conditions in Iraq.

In their petition, the Jordanian journalists insisted Iraq is an Arab
country occupied by a foreign force and Iraqi journalists are
responsible for promoting and supporting that occupation.

If anyone cares to hear my humble opinion, I would say Jordanian
journalists should not meddle with Iraqi affairs in such a way. No
one wants good things for Iraq more than Iraqis themselves. If Iraqis
want to accept the status quo, then this should be respected. Arabs
should really stop meddling in Iraq’s affairs and let the people of Iraq decide
their own fate.