Siham QandahAn Amman Islamic court has ruled in favor of Christian widow Siham Qandah, revoking legal custody from her children’s Muslim uncle and ordering him to repay misspent funds withdrawn from their orphan trust accounts.

Judge Mahmud Zghl handed down his verdict in Amman’s Al-Abdali Sharia Court against Abdullah al-Muhtadi, who has been fighting a seven-year legal battle to wrest custody of his underage niece and nephew from their Christian mother. “I still can’t believe it!” Qandah said, laughing and crying. “I am so happy; I am just speechless. I can’t even describe my emotions.”

Source: [Asia News]

I have been following this story for a while now and I’m glad it is over. I’m happy to see the children reunited with their mom. I believe the verdict was just and fair.