According to this BBC report, His Majesty was unhappy with the now defunct cabinet for a number of reasons, prompting him to send them packing. Although historically cabinets are usually short-lived in the kingdom, this sudden change seems somehow more serious.

The analysis lists one of the king’s reasons for dissatisfaction with the cabinet as its handling of the diplomatic row with Iraq that followed the al-Hilla bombing. Ah, al-Ghad, the controversy just keeps snowballing! Amazing!

One small piece of inflammatory journalism led to the dismissal of Jordan’s cabinet. I will make sure to tell this story to my journalism students if I ever one day become a media professor (which I highly doubt).

However, let’s stay hopeful here. Maybe a new cabinet is just what the doctor ordered these days, particularly following the recent plethora of media-fueled attacks against Jordan. Let’s hope a new cabinet can bring about major reform and assist Jordan on its path towards democracy. To the skeptical, I would say your opinion won’t affect me. I love my country and will always hope for better days.

Update: The new cabinet list was released today [Thursday March 7] and is up on the newswire for anyone that is interested.