L'Auberge EspanoleLast week, while on our weekly unpleasant trip to Carrefour we were surprised to find the megastore selling some discounted DVDs that they’d piled into two huge wire baskets.

This, of course, attracted our attention. We began rummaging through the stack in hopes of finding something worthwhile. Nothing looked impressive until one DVD caught my eye: a French movie entitled L’Auberge Espanole, or ‘The Spanish Apartment.’ This particular title grabbed me for many reasons. First was the fact that it was French. The second was because it had Audrey Tautou
of Amélie fame in it and the third was simply because it sounded vaguely familiar.

If my memory serves me right, I think it was Ameen Malhas who recommended this movie here on this very blog. Those reasons were good enough to go ahead and buy, irregardles of the fact that it was 60% off.

Two days ago we finally found the time to watch it and what a treat it was. As it is the case in the majority of French movies, this flick was creative on so many levels, whether it was the script, editing, camera work or even the soundtrack. The film tells the story of a French student who decides to move to Barcelona for a one-year academic program. Shot beautifully in the magnificent city of Barcelona, the flick whimsically portrays this student’s travails, which largley revolve around an apartment he shares with other European students in the program.

City class photoThe movie, which ended with a strong message about European unity, is a story about love, friendship, the decisions we make in life and growing up. It really is a work of art. I give it 8.5/10

The movie struck a particular cord with me, as it reminded me of the wonderful year I spent in London some years ago for my Masters. Back then, I lived in a shared dorm apartment with four other
international students. It was a very fulfilling experience and one I will cherish forever. Here is a picture of me and my classmates taken at the end of the academic year in London. Look closely, you might just find me. [Image enlarges on click]