Mr DynamiteWe decided to conquer our fears of another terrorist attack and head courageously out to the movie theater Thursday, something I’ve noticed is becoming a bit of a fixed day for our cinema outings. The movie of choice was Napoleon Dynamite, which we had heard praised but had never had a chance to see.

I loved it! I loved everything about it. The performance of the kid Napoleon just felt so real. So did that of his brother and of course his friend Pedro! The whole concept of the movie was just unique, extremely funky and very uplifting. I like!

The movie reminded me of Rushmore, which I greatly enjoyed. I guess both Napoleon and the Rushmore kid share this eccentricity that I find very appealing. Anyway, for those that care to listen to my recommendations, I give this one 8/10. Just go for it!

While I’m typing this post, the movie Casablanca is playing on TV. Did I ever mention how much this movie gets on my nerves? Anyway, time to hit the sack. [PS Site is slow today; Typepad (our provider) is having issues.]