I’m not sure if I’ve become paranoid after Doha’s blast, but lately I have been reading lots of terrorism-related stories emerging from Jordan. Here is one:

Jordanian authorities have dismantled a terrorist cell accused of plotting to kill Israeli visitors to the industrial city of al-Hassan, reports said Wednesday. Amman dailies al-Rai and al-Dustour said the cell was composed of three Jordanians of Palestinian origin who lived in a Palestinian refugee camp in the city of Irbid, in northern Jordan. Two of them were arrested last month and one is still on the run.

Source: [Big News Network]

and another:

A Jordanian military court convicted three Iraqis on Tuesday of smuggling rockets and hand grenades into the kingdom in connection with a plot to attack U.S. and Israeli targets. The three Iraqis were charged with crimes including importing and possessing handguns, automatic rifles, hand grenades and rockets.

Source: [Salt Lake Tribune]

Meanwhile, the trial of Azmi Jayousi who attempted a chemical attack in the Kingdom continues. Should I be concerned? Probably. Here’s today’s prayer: May God protect Jordan and its people from those filled with hate that seek to destroy it.