Mustafa Mahmoud With six summits behind him, the biggest challenge now remaining for Jordan’s sole mountaineer Mustafa Mahmoud, is Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. Mahmoud, who is embarking on his 72-day journey tomorrow, will carry the Jordanian flag, which was presented to him by HRH Prince Faisal, the Regent. Many before him have ventured to climb the 8,848-metre-high peak and some have failed to return, but 34-year-old Mahmoud remains steadfast and faithful to his goal. “With enough training and my faith in God … I think I am now ready to do this,” Mahmoud told the press. The mountaineer said he has to be well-equipped for the ascent and ready to face all the possible dangers like the harsh weather conditions, rugged terrain and even mortality.

Source: [The Jordan Times]

I have been following the travails of Mustafa for a while now [additional reporting here] and I must say the guy is driven! Best of luck Mustafa. You are making us proud!