Today, Doha residents gathered in the late afternoon to show support for victims and to condemn the attack. It has also been determined that the deceased, Briton Jonathan Adams, 40, was the director of the play taking place at the time of the attack. Additionally, the attacker, Umar Ahmad Abd Allah Ali, was apparently an Egyptian national that had lived in the Gulf state of Qatar for the last 15 years, working as an information technology engineer for state-run Qatar Petroleum.

The attack has been claimed by an as yet unheard of group calling themselves "Jund al-Sham Organization," or the Organization of Soldiers of the Levant, an area comprised of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. The organization issued a statement claiming responsibility, although that statement cannot be confirmed. They also indicated another statement would be released forthwith detailing "the martyrdom-seeking operation carried out by a lion from Jund al-Sham in Qatar."

Egyptian religious scholar Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi denounced the attack, telling "Islam strongly forbids the shedding of blood without a reason." Additional details on the story are available here.