Many of the world’s greatest thinkers will gather in
the ancient city of Petra in Jordan in May for a conference of Nobel
laureates, Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie
Wiesel announced.

Between 35 and 40 Nobel winners for chemistry, economics, literature,
medicine, peace, physics and physiology will be invited to address the
world’s most pressing issues May 18-19, just ahead of the World
Economic Forum (news – web sites) summit in Jordan.
"We are bringing together the best that humanity has," Wiesel said of
the Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates, which his foundation is

Source: [AFP]

This is extremely uplifting news and a very good PR boost for Jordan. I
tell you, with such initiatives and wise leadership, Jordan is
moving in the right direction. And for those who think otherwise, I
leave you with this very candid interview with king Abdallah.