Al-Ghad replied to the angry e-mail I sent after this story was published. In that letter I complained about the story and threatened to boycott their publication. They sent me a copy of the formal apology that was released today and published in the paper.

In addition, they sent some news items published today as well, including a copy of the condemnation by Jordanian officials of terrorist attacks on Iraqi civilians and a copy of the letter that the father of the alleged bomber sent to the paper. The e-mail, which was signed by the editor-in-chief of the paper, Imad al-Hmoud, also included a news item about the arrest of the Jordanian journalist that wrote the inflammatory article. Some of the files he attached were slightly different from what was published today but basically the same as the articles I linked to earlier today.

I have to admit I was pleased that they got back with me and acknowledged my complaint. It makes me less angry. It is a good sign. It shows that they have learned a lesson and learned it the hard way. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this not one of the biggest media scandals in the history of the kingdom?