Lebanese blogger Raja, writes passionately about Nasr Allah shattering the Lebanese dream of unity. His post is worth highlighting:

My impulse tells me that Nasrallah is responsible for this division. He is responsible because he made the decision to not join the opposition’s ranks. Thus far, all we can do is speculate what his rationale behind that decision was. I hope it was a good one though … because he is responsible for shattering the illusion of unity. For although it was an illusion, it had strength; and in the future, when we all look back to this moment in time we’re going to say: "oh that was a frightening stage in our history… a stage where sectarian animosity spilled out into the streets."

Had Nasrallah made a different choice, we might have looked back on these past few weeks and said: "those were the glorious days… the days when Lebanese forgot about their sectarian animosities and united behind a single message." Nasrallah … why??? was it worth it??? You shattered our dream!

I don’t think I have the right to rant about the politics of Hizb Allah, as I’m just a Jordanian voyeur. But if I was Lebanese I probably would have felt the same as Raja. Watching from afar, I think Nasr Allah is making a huge mistake opposing the "people power" that took to the streets. I’m a believer in the school of thought that says Hizb Allah should be disarmed. They don’t need arms after liberating the south. Well, I’m just a voyeur. I’ll leave the punditry on this to folks like Raja.