Kuwaiti women protestThose Kuwaiti women kick ass. Their demonstration now is being dubbed the Blue Revolution. They want their rights and they want them now. Good for them. Around 500 women demonstrated yesterday in front of parliament, demanding MPs pass legislation giving them the right to vote. If you care to hear my humble opinion, I’d say this is yet another sign of the winds of change blowing through the Middle East.

Kuwaiti women protestIt seems to be a domino effect ladies and gentleman. It began with Iraqis defying the “You vote, you die” challenge put before them. Then it was the Egyptians shouting "Kifayeh," or enough, to the rule of Mubarak, which prompted an amendment to their constitution. Then the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon (also being called the ‘Enough’ Revoltuion) that prompted the government to step down and now this! This is making me hopeful.

I hope this will encourage Jordanian women activists to demonstrate, yet again, regarding the honor crimes issue, which, sadly enough, is condoned by some Jordanian MPs.

These pictures enlarge on click. More images from the demonstration can be found here and here.

Via: [Or Does It Explode]