Inspired by And Far Away, here are some of my confessions:

  • I’m very clumsy. I bump into things, drop almost everything I carry and I’m always zoned out
  • I’m a very bad driver and have been in a number of minor accidents. I quit driving after I got engaged.
  • I can’t sew. My mom used to take care of my missing buttons, now my husband does.
  • I only learned to cook last year.
  • I used to speak really fast, causing me to stutter. As I grew older, I learned to slow down a bit.
  • I quit playing the violin after ten years for no real reason.
  • I hardly do any exercise and I keep gaining weight.
  • I’m extremely hard on myself. If I was born in the right era I’d have been a self-flagellator.
  • I have no sense of direction whatsoever. After 15 months in Doha, I can still get lost in our neighborhood.
  • I can’t seem to get enough of watching movies.
  • I’m very unorganized and can be messy sometimes.
  • I’m an insomniac and have been since I was thirteen.
  • I’m very impatient with a very short attention span.
  • I never blush.

Ok. There you have it. I would understand if, after reading this, you’d never want to visit this blog again!