Unconfirmed reports are saying that al-Zarwaqai has been arrested. I know it might be rubbish as usual but this time they have a picture. Well, I’m clinging to hope here, because I simply loathe this guy!


Iraqi sources have told a Saudi newspaper that al-Qaeda’s man in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has been arrested. Al Watan daily said Sunday that the official announcement on the arrest was delayed until a new Iraqi government is in place. The purported arrest supposedly took place on the Iraqi – Syrian border, the report added.

It should be mentioned that CNN aired on Saturday new pictures believed to show al-Zarqawi, who is America’s most-wanted man in Iraq. The Saudi paper said that the arrest of al-Zarqawi was completed ahead the recent visit of US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in Iraq. This visit took place early February.

Source: [Albawaba]