Big Pharaoh has a very amusing, witty post about his reaction to the case of a Muslim woman in Britain who won the right to wear the Jilbab — a traditional Muslim gown.

Miss Begum, whose parents are both dead, had worn a regulation shalwar kameez (trousers and tunic) until September 2002 when she informed the school authorities she intended to wear a full-length gown called a jilbab.

Speaking outside court Miss Begum, who now attends a school where the jilbab is allowed, said Denbigh High School’s action could not be viewed merely as a local decision taken in isolation. "Rather it was a consequence of an atmosphere that has been created in Western societies post 9/11, an atmosphere in which Islam has been made a target for vilification in the name of the ‘war on terror’," she said.

"It is amazing that in the so-called free world I have to fight to wear this attire."

Source: [BBC]

Meanwhile, Subzero Blue (MMM) has a totally different point of view. I read and thought about both of their perspectives and I must say that I found Big Pharaoh more convincing; no hard feelings MMM 😉