The AviatorWe finally got to watch the highly-acclaimed film The Aviator. What did I think of it? I loved it. I thought it was brilliant. It made me feel even more sorry that Scorsese missed out, yet again, on an Oscar. Although I’m not a huge fan of DiCaprio, I thought he did a fantastic job that deserves real recognition. The movie was also extremely informative. I was unaware of Howard Hughes story and apparently the film kept quite close to the truth, according to History vs. Hollywood, a History Channel show, that did a wonderful comparison highlighting this.

The only bad thing I could say about it was that it was bit long — nearly three hours. It could have been edited slightly to fit a more comfortable two hours plus. All in all, though, the movie was brilliant and is certainly worth both your time and money.

Other movies we’ve seen recently:

Vanity FairVanity Fair: The main reason we were interested in watching this movie was that it was a Mira Nair film, the brilliant Indian female director of such films as Monsoon Wedding, Mississippi Masala and Salaam Bombay! Vanity Fair, which is based upon a classical novel, was not bad, but we found a glaring flaw in the film that I’m sure most western audiences would not notice.

In a scene where the king of England is being entertained by the ‘society’ ladies dressed in Oriental costume, the group is dancing to El Salaam Alaikom (link plays song sample). This is a modern song released maybe four years ago by famous Egyptian singer Hakim. Mind you, the movie is supposed to be set in the 19th century. That was a bad choice of music, which ruined the whole movie for me.

Garden State: I thought this film was overrated. I mean the movie is sweet but I don’t understand all the fuss surrounding it. It was just average. The film also closed with two people kissing. This to me is the sign of a bad movie. It is just too cliché, don’t you think?