AMMAN (Reuters)- Damascus agreed on Monday to hand back to Jordan a tract of land along their border held by Syria for many years without Amman’s approval. Syrian Prime Minister Naji al Otari said the deal reconfirmed an internationally recognized border drawn in 1931.

Under the accord agreed after several top level security meetings over the last six months, Syria will remove fences and posts on land it had gained in decades of creeping incursions into Jordan. Syria and Jordan have long been at odds over the aims of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the Middle East peace process.

Source: [Haaretz]

If you want to hear my humble analysis, I would say that Syria is finally bending to international pressure and doing what it can to improve its image. Returning Jordanian land is one step of many that will come shortly including the complete withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon.