Inside the cover

Four opinion pieces I wrote for a British Council project dubbed Counterpoint two years ago have appeared in a book entitled No Ordinary Life: Being Young
in the Worlds of Islam
. It’s available here as an Adobe Acrobat document if you’d like a look. [Right click and ‘save link as’ or just click and it will open in your browser.]

As soon as I got to the office this morning I found there was a package in the mail for me that included three copies of this book. I have to admit it made my day. Here are links to four articles published in the book:

Cover imageLooking back at these articles, I realize how both my writing style and political inclination have evolved over the last few years. I’m not sure I would have written the same material if I was approached to do this today. Now I think I would’ve tackled the issues I discussed in the book in a more in-depth manner. Anyway, it always feels great to be published. The pictures will enlarge on click.