This post will be all over the map simply because that is my current state of mind these days. Let me begin by saying I expect Roba will strangle me the next time she sees me in Amman, as I gave up reading The Lord of the Rings (for now at least). It was just too dark for me and I kept dreading returning to it. Eventually, I ended up with nothing to read. So I decided to keep away from it as I’m already operating with a dark mental status thanks to my obsessing about regional politics.

The book that I will be starting next is Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity based upon Amal’s recommendation. I’m told it should cheer me up. I watched the movie years ago and I don’t remember much besides the fact that it perked me up so I’m all for it. Earlier today we watched a very enjoyable French movie called Love, etc. Have I ever told you how much I enjoy French cinema? Anyway, this flick was a typically eccentric European movie that crosses moral boundaries and ends with no real message. I enjoyed it.

I also met up with Amal today for coffee at a place in Doha called Seaside Patterserie — no, it was not by the sea. Our conversation revolved around one topic: The Hariri assassination. She is still in shock and can’t believe that Hariri is gone for good. We kept going back and forth as to who was responsible for the attack. Our list of potential perpetrators was long and had a conspiracy theory flavor to it. Ah well, welcome to the Arab World, the birth place of conspiracy theories.

On a totally different note, Chanad has a compelling post about Shia religious celebrations in Bahrain. The pictures he posted as well are fascinating.

Back to the mental status. I had plans to be productive today and do things like cook for example, but it didn’t work out. Damn this bad mood!! Anyway, I’m off tomorrow and all for staying up late and watching movies. The first movie of choice tonight will be Dinner with Friends, but before I turn myself into a coach potato I’ll leave you with some newswire highlights: