Yes, we're all first-timers

It’s nearly 9:30 PM here and I’m already beat! The reason is that I was spending a very pleasant day engaging in a sport in which I have never taken a real interest: Golf. As Ghalia is still in town we decided to spend the day doing something out of the norm (at least for us). So we, joined by Amal, made our way to the Doha Golf Club. It was loads of fun, not only because it was such a unique experience but also because the weather was extremely pleasant and the place itself was very lush — something we miss deeply living as we do in the desert.

I have always known that I was horrible at sports and today was just another reminder. All my husband’s relentless efforts to teach me to swing the golf club were useless. I’m just not in tune with my body, that’s a fact that I have to live with. Regardless of my frustrating efforts to swing that damn club I had a great time, especially after I put down the club for a bit and spent the day taking pictures of our adventure. Would I do it again? Oh yeah, in a heartbeat. Click the pictures for enlargements

Ghalia gets ready
Time for pictures
Hubby gives it a whack