Roasted chicken and potatoesLast night the Tynes enjoyed this [click to enlarge it] for dinner.

The wonderful dish, called zesty roasted chicken and potatoes, was made by yours truly and believe me when I tell you it turned out fine. The recipe is available upon request. Yeah, yeah
I’m getting arrogant and I know it 😉

This fine meal was followed by the 1998 movie Living Out Loud, which proved to be very enjoyable. The film, starring Holly Hunter and Danny DeVito,
tells the story of a recently divorced woman who is trying to get over her ugly break-up while figuring out what she really wants in life. Have I ever mentioned that I really like Holly Hunter? The dialog was smart, refreshing and very original. I’m surprised I have never seen this movie before.

Ok, it is about time to embrace the day, but before I do I will leave you with some highlights from newswire: