Five militants surrendered to Kuwaiti security forces who surrounded their hideout on Saturday in the oil-rich Gulf Arab state which is battling a surge in al Qaeda-linked violence, state media said. State television said security forces continued to search the area in Sulaibiya suburb, some 13 miles northwest of the capital Kuwait City.

"Five terrorists holed up in a house in Sulaibiya area have surrendered," the television reported, saying two of the men were Saudi nationals and three were Jordanian.

Source: [Reuters]

This is a bit alarming, don’t you think? It seems that the number of Jordanians embracing terrorism is rising. What’s going on? What’s happening to our good-hearted, fun-loving people? I guess I should have known that after the emergence of friggin Zarqawi things were bound to go downhill. I still can’t it over the fact that he is Jordanian. The government, however, has not confirmed the nationalities of those arrested in Kuwait so there still is some hope.

Government Spokesperson Asma Khader said on Saturday the government could not officially confirm news reports that three Jordanians were arrested in Kuwait in connection with the latest wave of terrorist attacks that killed four Kuwaiti security officers in gunbattles with Islamist militants.

“We cannot confirm any news reports at this point in time, and Jordan condemns all forms of terrorist acts that took place in Kuwait recently,” Khader told The Jordan Times.

Source: [The Jordan Times]

Update: The newspaper Al-Rai Al-Aam on Sunday quoted informed sources as saying the men are originally Bidoon, or stateless Arabs, who recently obtained Saudi and Jordanian citizenship.