It seems the Qataris are doing much better than the Saudis when it comes to mobile phone camera scandals. They have devised a fairly ingenious solution.

DOHA: A new type of security service provider is fast emerging in Qatar, thriving on the fear of young Qatari women being photographed on the sly with mobile handsets fitted with a camera, particularly in wedding parties.

The companies employ a number of Arabic-speaking women who are provided training in handling devices that can detect a mobile phone. The women are trained in dealing politely with others and keeping an eye in wedding parties especially, to see if someone has nonetheless sneaked, hiding a camera-fitted mobile phone.

Secret use of mobile phone cameras has generated so much fear among young Qatari women that it is almost a must for a family having a wedding party in a hotel or a hall, to hire a security agency to prevent the nuisance. This is making Qatari weddings a more expensive affair, according to Al Sharq.

Source: [The Peninsula]