While we were waiting for Amal at the airport last night, we caught a glimpse of some Arab celebrities that were in Qatar to take part is some sort of Arab song festival. The first one we saw was this guy: Exhibit A (he enlarges). This is that Libyan guy who won the Superstar singing competition. I don’t know his name, as I haven’t watched this highly popular show in some time.

The second guy was famous Egyptian singer Hani Shaker, seen here: Exhibit B (he enlarges as well).

But of all the celebrities we saw, the young woman in Exhibit C remains our favorite. This is Amal emerging from Customs after returning from Lebanon and her vacation, which lasted over a month. We are very glad she is back. We missed her a great deal!

Exhibit A
That Superstar guy

Exhibit B
Hani Shaker

Exhibit C
Almighty Amal