Sahar al Layalai Last night I watched an Egyptian movie, something I have not done in a very long time. I guess this is what you do when you are bored out of your skull in Doha. The movie of choice was Sahar al Layalai (Sleepless Nights) and I have to confess that I was surprisingly impressed.

What made this flick unique is that it tackled some taboo issues that are always kept hush-hush in this part of the world. One of those taboos was sexual relations between married couples.

The movie, which focused mostly on marital conflicts, was really well-made and the acting was also quite good. I have to admit, this movie was probably one of the best Egyptian movies that I have seen in a while. I also loved the relationship between the male friends in this movie. It just felt so real and very Arab-like! If you are in the mood for watching an Egyptian movie (which is of course an acquired taste), then this film is an excellent choice. Go for it!