The sun sets over Byblos harborWell, the husband did it again. He created a fantastic gallery of a trip we took last year to Lebanon. You can click here or the gallery picture in the sidebar on the left to see the delights. He also made this wonderful panoramic image (350k!) of Beirut from the veranda of my sister’s house in Al-Ouzaei neighborhood in the suburbs of Beirut.

Still in the realm of photographs, we are now building up an interactive gallery featuring many of the pictures we have taken across the Middle East through the years. This gallery allows me to post individual images I want to show without a lot of fuss and viewers can comment on the pictures, even sending out TrackBacks. It’s really some neat stuff.

Another development you might have noticed on Mental mayhem is the addition of tabs up top there, beneath the banner This will hopefully make the site easier to navigate and more readily highlight some hidden site features like newswire, my archives and other surprises to come.

I’m also pleased to announce that there are two new domains for this blog: and I tried to get but it was already taken. Bastards! 😉 These domains are just another wonderful way to help you find the Mayhem.