Jordan prepares for an imported insurgency

AMMAN — Jordan has quietly bolstered its security forces to prepare for an insurgency imported from Iraq.

Jordanian officials said they were concerned by the departure of Islamic volunteers from Iraq to such neighboring countries as Jordan and Syria. The officials said they could not rule out that the Islamic operatives were being directed to subvert the Hashemite kingdom after receiving training and combat experience in Iraq.

Jordanian Prime Minister Faisal Al Fayez has acknowledged that Jordan was preparing for the prospect that the Iraqi insurgency would spill into the kingdom. Al Fayez said Amman has drafted security plans to quell any attempt to introduce the insurgency in Jordan. Al Fayez did not elaborate.

"We have plans to contain any effort to destabilize Jordan’s security, border security and economic security," Al Fayez said.

Source: [Middle East Newsline]

Is it possible? Yes. Can it be prevented? I believe it can. What can we do? Nothing besides hoping for a quick and a crushing defeat of the insurgency in Iraq.