I have always been disappointed with the work of Jordan‘s Lower House of Parliament and I guess that may never change. Why can’t Jordanians be wise in choosing representatives that will run our affairs for four whole years.

Here is the representatives latest endeavor:

AMMAN — The government will not ban Iraqi election campaign advertisements as called for by the Lower House of Parliament, a senior official said on Monday.

“The Jordanian media market is a free market and as long as no one breaks any laws we, legally, cannot prevent anyone from running ads for the Iraqi elections,” Government Spokesperson Asma Khader told her weekly press conference yesterday. Deputies last week signed a non-binding petition calling on the government to ban all forms of advertising for the Iraqi elections.

“We appreciate the House’s motives, which are mainly political, but the government views the Iraqi elections as a step in the direction of regaining Iraq’s sovereignty,” said Khader, also minister of culture.

She also said Jordan cannot prevent Iraqi citizens living in the Kingdom from voting in the January 30 elections, adding that “it is in Jordan’s best interest to see as many Iraqis take part in the upcoming democratic process.”

Source: [The Jordan Times]

Can something useful ever come out of the lower house of parliament? What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they have anything better to do than meddling in the affairs of the Iraqi people?!?!

I saw these ads all over the kingdom when I was there last week. I thought it was a very positive sign. It makes sense to advertise for the Iraqi elections in Jordan due to the high number of Iraqis living in the kingdom. The ads were everywhere: the streets, the daily papers, on buildings.
They are very visible and actually look quite nice with top-notch printing quality.

I’m so glad the government turned down the petition of these geniuses. Did I mention that I’m very proud of the government position on the Iraqi polls? I wish more Arab nations would follow.