Abu Aardvark has been examining an opinion poll on terrorism conducted by the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan. The survey was conducted in several Arab countries, including Jordan.

I have to admit I was very surprised by the poll findings among Jordanians.

One finding I found highly disturbing was that only 35% of Jordanians regard 9/11 as a terrorist attack. Only 35%!!! What do the other 65% think, that these were acts of heroism?!?! Give me a break! This is really disturbing, as we are talking more than half the population here.

Another disturbing finding was that only 48% of Jordanians thought the bombings of the Red Cross and UN headquarters in Iraq were terrorist acts? I wonder what the percentage would be if the same sample was asked about the bombing of the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad?!?! I’m now beginning to wonder how many wouldn’t consider that a terrorist act! Pathetic!