It is official. Starbucks has made it to Jordan. Here is the Jordan Times story. From what I read, Jordanians seem excited about the opening. They should be! Starbucks has great coffee.

However, Starbucks arrival was greeted with some controversy. According to the JT, the Higher Committee for Protecting the Nation and Anti-Normalisation — comprised of professional associations and political activists — issued a call to the government Monday to revoke Starbucks license because of vocal support of Israel by company chairman, Howard Schultz.

Starbucks management response:

“We are not here to comment on Howard Schultz as an individual, those are his personal circumstances. As a corporation we are a nonpolitical organisation and what is unanimous for both Starbucks and Howard Schultz is that any form of violence in the world is upsetting, particularly when there may be a personal connection to the region."

Controversy or not, they have good coffee.