Dalia and I in Salsa
Yesterday was a memorable day. Dalia surprised us, showing up in Doha along with Duri, who we had expected, here for half a day to attend a business meeting.
The original plan was to meet Duri and his co-worker Mohammad at the
airport, take them somewhere for breakfast for a few hours before
their meeting.

However, there was a pleasant change in
plans. Dalia, who earlier said she couldn’t accompany Duri to Doha,
surprised us by showing up at the airport with son Sanad and Duri. What a nice surprise and such a pleasant way to spend the day.

Sanad and DuriAfter getting over the surprise of having Dalia here, we all headed to Johnny Rockets, where we had a fine filling breakfast and picked up from where we left off in Dubai nearly two months ago.

After Duri and Mohammad excused themselves for their meeting,
we took Dalia and Sanad to Doha’s number one landmark: City Centre.
Dalia’s friend Dima, who lives here in Doha, also joined us at the mall where
we had a nice chat and took a brief tour of the mammoth complex.

This was followed by a drive a long the Corniche then a stop at our
place, where Dalia got to watch our wedding video for the first time.
Duri and Mohammad joined us in the evening. Right before heading to
the airport we stopped at Salasa (a Mexian restaurant at the Marriott
hotel) for some drinks and appetizers. Overall we had a wonderful day and
were pleasantly surprised. [Click on the pictures for an enlargement.]