AlexanderWe watched Alexander the other day. Yes, it made it to Doha that quickly. Impressive no? I know the critics were very hard on this epic, so I’ll try to be less so.

In spite of having to sit for three hours non-stop to watch a gory saga, I found the film to be informative, as I was not really aware of all this infamous conqueror’s travails. But I did take it with a grain of salt because you just can’t trust Hollywood’s version of history.

The star of this movie for me was Angelina Jolie, although her fake accent irritated me a bit — particularly the way she rolled the letter ‘R.’ Val Kilmer was very good as well, although his screen time was brief.

As for Farrell, well, I understand he is supposed to be a natural blond in this movie, but really, what’s up with the black eyebrows?

Overall, I didn’t regret watching the movie and thought it was worth my money. I just expected something quasi-perfect from a legend like Oliver Stone but this one didn’t quite get there.