This one is from John:

Female college students carrying mobile phones with cameras on campus in any college in the Kingdom could face a SR500 fine and 3-year suspension under recent regulations issued by the Ministry of Education.

“What about the faculty and administration members?” questioned college student Huda Abdulghani. “Are they allowed to carry mobiles with cameras on campus? How come they’re to be trusted and we’re not?”

“So my mobile phone has a camera,” said Umm Leila, a college student, married and mother of 3 children. “It’s a gift from my husband and it’s one of the recent models that are installed with cameras. I don’t even use the camera but I’ve got to use the mobile during my day at college. As a respectable wife and mother I can understand authorities’ concern. These regulations are insulting for the rest of us.”

According to Al-Eqtisadiah, an Arab News sister publication, the Education Ministry’s regulations say that if a student is caught carrying a mobile with a camera phone on campus without even using it, the gadget would be confiscated there and then until the end of term.

Source: [Arab News ] Via: [Crossroads Arabia]