I stumbled across a blog by an American woman writing from Jordan. The title of the blog, “Terrorism Unveiled,” disturbed me to no end. Is she expecting to unveil terrorism from Jordan!! I mean, really, she seriously needs to re-visit her analysis!

One entry that I found particularly condescending and very upsetting was one entitled “not all camels and mosques” in which Athena (her pen name) says she was shocked to realize Jordanians go out at night and party.

Well, Athena, Jordanians do go out, they do party. They also fall in love, get married, go on honeymoons, arrange social gatherings and believe it or not even have barbeques. They also go to work, vote for representatives in parliament, write poetry, go to the movies, go out to eat, play sports, go on vacations and even surf the net. Believe it or not Athena, Jordanians are homosapiens.

I’m going to track back this post to give her a chance to present her side of the story.