Ameen has noted that Jordanian bloggers have been silent about the recent development in the Jordanian political arena, so I thought I would weigh in on the subject here.

If he is referring to the fact that Prince Hamza is no longer a crown prince then I would point out that the silence is being observed not only by Jordanian bloggers but also by the Jordanian press. Checking both Al-Rai and Addustor, it seems everyone is refraining from discussing the issue in public. It might be self-censorship. But perhaps it is the simple fact that there is really nothing much to say, aside from the fact it was an internal affair.

Personally, I think the international media hyped up the story, trying to compare it to what happened in 1999 — a totally different issue and a different circumstance. I don’t see the controversy.

On the contrary, I see it as a great chance for Prince Hamza to play a major role in the development of the kingdom since he is young, very well educated (a recent Harvard post-grad) and motivated. I have always been and will always stay positive about the future of Jordan, not just because I’m a proud citizen but because I’m a firm believer that the Jordan model is one of the best in whole region.

So let’s all hope good things will continue to happen to Jordan and its people.