Amin MatalqaAmeen has as a nice post about Jordanian movies, introducing the work of Amin Matalqa, a Jordanian living in the US. I watched a couple of his movies this morning right before coming to work and believe me they are hilarious.

If you have some time to kill, then watch Saliba bil Hammam. It might be a bit challenging for non-Jordanian speakers, as it lampoons local issues that can be only understood by those who live or lived in the Kingdom.

Saliba bil Hammam starts with "Shu bitgool," which is a popular phrase used in Jordanian TV series. For those who know what I’m taking about maybe this will ring a bell: "Shi bitgool? in7arag el masna3"

Anyway, another nice movie to watch is Abu Sinno.

I can’t wait to get back home to watch the rest of his movies.