I just read this article about one woman’s travel experience on a plane with “14 Middle Eastern men” who were acting suspiciously (Thanks Tania). The article is a bit long but worth it if you have the time. Reading the alarming details of her story I completely understood why she felt her life was in danger. But were these men really up to something? Who knows!!

On June 29, 2004, at 12:28 pm, I flew on Northwest Airlines flight #327 from Detroit to Los Angeles with my husband and our young son. Also on our flight were 14 Middle Eastern men between the ages of approximately 20 and 50 years old. What I experienced during that flight has caused me to question whether the United States of America can realistically uphold the civil liberties of every individual, even non-citizens, and protect its citizens from terrorist threats … more

Source: [Womens Wall Street]