An elegant Indian elephantQuestion: What do you do in Doha on your day off when bored out of your skull? Answer: Go to the zoo!

And that’s exactly what we did Wednesday. Joined by Amal, we three embarked on a mini-trip to examine the offerings of Qatar’s national zoo. We really had a good time, as the weather was exceptionally beautiful and we all longed for an outing in the open-air, where you could see green and smell the grass.

What fascinated me the most at the zoo was the elephants, particularly this lovely Indian one, all dressed up and looking proud. The colorful and skillful drawings on this (we believe) Indian elephant were really something else. She (assuming it was a she) looked like a bride on her wedding night, very elegant, very flirtatious and very happy.

Other species that caught my attention were the graceful zebras, the remarkable giraffes, the active baboons and some of the small peculiar little creatures kept inside.[Click here or the photo album for the menagerie.]

If you end up in this part of the world, a visit to the zoo is definitely worth your money and time. We had a wonderful time and will likely make it back again.